i see you

                                    🖤Reveal yourself babe🖤 

                                                                     I SEE YOU “Reveal yourself babe“ 

                                             Nåpoleon Komplex 🪐 Modersohnstraße 35-45, 10245 Berlin

                                                                                21.April - 30.April.2023

                                                                       Vernissage  21.4.23 🪩 18- 22:00 H

                        anschliessend  22:00 AFtERsHowPArtY mit Edgar Peng & LARS EIDINGER & Joker.Rough



                                        Martin Eder | Maximilian Schippmann | Anna Borowy | Jonas Burgert

                                         ShapiroVertikal | Frank Künster | Lars Eidinger | Katharina Lohmann

                                                 Tanja Seltzer | David Oesterling | Mike Schaaf | Holly Hunted         

                                                               Michel Niknafs | Julia Bulik | Hannah Jones



                                      MusicArtist :  Lars Eidinger | Tonkind/ Turmspringer / Edgar Peng   

                                             Joker&Rough | Chris_Ventre | Dorian Grau | David Oesterling   


                            special magic will happen at the exhibition 23.4. TRAMPOLENE_Band concert





                                 The exhibition series •I See You• this time titled -Reveal yourself, babe- 

aims to give artists the opportunity to let go of their inhibitions and create freely with the support of all the artists participating in the exhibition, encouraging and supporting each other to be everything they have ever dreamed of, no matter how wild or unconventional. The idea is to be an artist "family", without competition, but with an empowering collective. It’s all an non profit idea to show art in a different manner.


The concept is to challenge the artists to step out of their comfort zone and create a new character or personality to push their own boundaries. The exhibition encourages artists in the workingprogress , to document their struggles and creative process through video or text to connect with their audience and inspire others to stay true to themselves. "I See You" is a protected space where artists can reveal their hidden longings and show themselves in all their depth and vulnerability. It is a call to the artists to trust the world and show themselves without fear or shame.

The aim is to inspire others (visitors) from different backgrounds and professions to break free from societal expectations and embrace their true selves in all aspects of their lives.



                                                       We are dreamers. Daring to face our desires. 

            Now is the time to reveal all our deepest(innermost) and start living what we longing for.

                                                                                   Do you dare?


                                                              „A dream I dream alone is only a dream

                                                                A dream you dream together is reality .“

                                                                                          Yoko Ono


                                      Our lives today are guided almost exclusively by our rational mind.

                                              Hardly influenced by our emotions and intuitive power. 

                                                                  But if so, how does this affect our lives?





Schönste Momente der Eröffnungsfeier und  des "Secret Warehouse Concert" der Trampoline Band aus Großbritannien am 23.4.2023

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